The Pockets Story

Pockets began in 1989 when David Litchman, 2 years out of college (University of Michigan), decided that Chicagoans needed a healthy place to eat. With his only experience in the food business being as a delivery driver for a restaurant in Ann Arbor that made Chipatis, he took the money he earned as an options trader and used it to convert an out of business ice cream and cinnabon shop into the first Pockets store. This Pockets, located in Lincoln Park next to the famous Weiner Circle, is no longer there, but had a good 20-year run.

The first menu had only a handful of items, but as Pockets developed a loyal following of customers and employees, the menu expanded and diversified. Eventually, the 2nd store opened a few years later and was a delivery only store in the heart of Cabrini Green. Gold Coast and River North customers soon fell in love with this unique sandwich, and soon thereafter, Pockets could afford to purchase a retail location on the corner of Clark and Chicago. Over the last 25 years, Pockets has slowly expanded but stayed predominately in Chicago. The only suburban locations are in Aurora.

Here at Pockets, we specialize in providing customers with a large assortment of fresh, healthy ingredients. As of now, we serve a variety of items, ranging from our signature Pockets, to fresh salads, calzones, baked potatoes, and more. As Pockets continues to serve the Chicagoland area, we hope to work our best to please the community and create a healthy option for all.

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