Pockets Is Accepting Franchise Applications!

Pockets is accepting franchise applications from qualified candidates to expand into the Chicago area and beyond. If you would like to be involved in this opportunity, please start the process by clicking on the application link below and filling out the form.

Pockets was one of the first fast food chains to provide customers a healthy choice when deciding where to eat. While other chains are trying to make their menu healthier, Pockets has been connecting with healthy conscience customers for over ten years. By using the freshest ingredients and a
commitment to serving only a quality product, Pockets has built a
strong following of loyal customers.

There are many other reasons why Pockets has grown:

Originality of Product

A Pocket is a unique item - no other chain is serving this product. While many franchises are selling sandwiches or burgers, there are very few specializing in selling a healthy product. Customers have many choices when deciding where to eat, but they have very few options for healthy fast food.

Online Ordering

Pockets was one of the first restaurant chains to implement online ordering. The result has been higher sales, better service, lower complaints, and easier operations. Since we're years ahead of the competition, we are past the growing stages of training customers and staff to use this system. Customers know they can pre-order items, pay online and walk in without waiting in line.

Store Interiors

One of the advantages to opening a Pockets franchise is simplicity. The build out is relatively inexpensive. There is no need to purchase grills or deep fryers. There is no grease so stores are cleaner and have a more enjoyable atmosphere. There are no open burners so it's a safer environment and insurance is lower. The food is healthy and clean which is reflected in the employees hired and the customers that enter. Pockets' fresh and natural menu is also reflected in their interiors. One of the points of focus is our counter. Here we show customers our wide selection of ingredients and they can see their order prepared. Another focal point is the oven. This is something that is unique to Pockets and we make sure customers can see how our unique Pocket breads, calzones and potatoes are made. Pockets is proud of the products served and invites customers to see the creative process.


Pockets does much of its marketing through their website. Because these results can be recorded, marketing outlets are cheaper and more effective.


You can feel good knowing you're serving a product that is healthy and good for customers. Compare this to other chains that are being blamed by the media for supersizing the population. Pockets is one of the few franchises where customers don't feel guilty after eating.

The Numbers

One Time Franchise Fee--Single Unit $30,000
Monthly Rent $3,500-$6,000
Security Deposit $3,500-$6,000
Leasehold Improvements $35,000-85,000
Equipment, Furniture,
Fixtures, Signs $40,000-$50,000
Architect $2,000-$4,000
Opening Inventory $4,500
Marketing Fee--2%
Grand Opening Marketing $4,500
Ongoing $200 monthly for Internet services
5% royalty
Working Capital $20,000
Total estimated investment $144,000-213,000
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